SNV input management for NEURON


SNV is a package for generating realistic spike trains in NEURON simulations. Users create stimulus "movies," use linear-nonlinear cascade models to generate the response of afferent neurons, then map those responses into synapses in specified locations on a cell.

SNV makes it easy to use realistic, time-varying stimuli with biophysically detailed compartmental models.

SNV is developed and tested under Linux and MacOS X; other version of UNIX will probably compile out-of-the-box, or at worst with minor modifications.

The current version of SNV (as of 20 June 2006) is version 2.0; Download a (.tar.gz) of the package here, or the documentation here.

Installation instructions are in the file INSTALL. Note that you will need to have the packages FFTW (version 3.x) and ImageMagick installed before you begin.

The documentation is slowly changing. As things stand, the image processing parts of SNV are best documented in the README file, while the synapse management parts are best documented in the PDF. In principle, someday most of the documentation will be in the PDF.

Most users should be able to accomplish what they need just by using the programs imgtoGrid, convolve, one of the filter generation programs (probably buildLGNKernel), and gensnv.

Hints for keeping the most current versions: the package release number is updated whenever changes are made to the software. The documentation is revised occasionally and without warning.

Questions? Send mail to Kevin Archie.